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Why battery storage?

The task

Due to the constant expansion of renewable energies and the shutdown of base load power plants (coal, gas, nuclear), the times of electricity generation and electricity consumption are becoming increasingly divergent.

The electricity must therefore be stored in batteries for the times when it is actually needed.

According to estimates, up to 600 gigawatts (GW) of battery storage capacity must be created in the medium term in order to ensure a continuous power supply in Germany – a gigantic task, as only a few 100 megawatts (MW) have been realized to date, i.e. around one thousandth (!) of the target size.

Battery storage and the environment

The environmental impact of battery storage systems is extremely low compared to other energy systems. They require very little space (only around one hectare for 100 MW/200MWh). As the batteries are housed in standard containers, there is little or no impact on the landscape. If the storage systems are also enclosed in hedges, they are almost invisible.

All battery storage systems are installed in such a way that they comply with the nationally applicable TA Lärm. The only really noticeable sources of noise are not the batteries themselves, but at times the cooling systems on the storage system and the inverters. At a distance of just 70 meters, only 30-35 dB can be heard – the equivalent of a very quiet room or the ticking of a wristwatch!

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